Digital Asset Cataloging & Management

The days of digging through your email, server or cloud storage to find relevant files are over.

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Find files anywhere

Manage all of your assets and content wherever it lives–online or off.

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Track versions

Set up and manage file storage repositories through a centralized file version control database. Check files in and out of the server, maintain versions and make comments on each new version.

Powerful searching

Find files stored on your computer, server, the cloud, DVD, tape, or other media.

Group frequently used assets

Save valuable time by creating digital art catalogs with your assets that can be used and reused for brand management, customer approval and new or recurring projects.

All your assets at your fingertips with Workgroups

“Workgroups’ reporting features have helped me provide quantifiable data to validate how quickly and efficiently my creative team works. The internal conversation has now shifted from ‘the creative team is too slow – they are the reason jobs miss deadlines’ to ‘the creative team operates ABOVE their expected performance’.”


“We now have an instant view of all our projects and the ability to manage them efficiently.”

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Traffic Coordinator

“Workgroups customer support is excellent, the response time is great and their software is outstanding.”

Graphics Technical Administrator