Marketing Content Review & Approvals Process Tools

From a simple client review to a multi-stage feedback process with various collaborators and multiple revision cycles, we automate it all.

Frustration Free Feedback

Frustration-free feedback

Take advantage of powerful, intuitive-to-use markup and annotation tools that make leaving feedback and proofing simple.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamless collaboration

Collaborate with internal and external clients and team members across any file type.

Version Control

Never lose your place

Manage which iteration your reviewers see and comment on with built-in version control.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated

Integrate with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 that you rely on every day.

Faster feedback and approvals with Workgroups DaVinci

“Workgroups’ reporting features have helped me provide quantifiable data to validate how quickly and efficiently my creative team works. The internal conversation has now shifted from ‘the creative team is too slow – they are the reason jobs miss deadlines’ to ‘the creative team operates ABOVE their expected performance’.”


“We now have an instant view of all our projects and the ability to manage them efficiently.”

CenterPoint Energy
Traffic Coordinator

“Workgroups customer support is excellent, the response time is great and their software is outstanding.”

Graphics Technical Administrator