What’s New

We regularly roll out new product features and upgrades to make life even easier for our users. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

Spring/Summer 2021

Download toggle

It’s your call! This handy option allows you to decide whether collaborators have the ability to download proofs.

‘Approve with changes’ status

A great time-saving option for small revisions that don’t require a brand-new version or another trip through the review process.

‘Make your decision’ button

Not everyone is a proofing pro, so we wanted to make it super-clear to your reviewers what action to take when they’re invited to review a proof.

New observer status

Do you have team members or managers who need to be aware of a project but aren’t directly involved in executing it? Add them as observers so they can keep tabs on the action.

Help text on forms

Want to add a handy line of explanation for your form fields to make sure your requestors are providing the right info? Now you can!

Project hub overhaul

We streamlined and beautified the project hub to make it even easier to see at a glance what’s on your plate.


We’ve got something exciting in the pipeline! Stay tuned later this year when we roll out our new customizable workflow engine and process mapper. Eliminate complexity and unleash creativity with the ability to build bespoke workflows that reflect exactly how your team works. Our tool, your rules.