Best Practices for Remote Marketing Project Management

Remote work can make last-minute client requests, feedback and design updates challenging – but it doesn’t have to be.We hope you enjoy this webinar: Best Practices for Remote Marketing Project Management. Our workflow automation expert, Will Goad, will walk you through 7 strategies to help you:

  • Improve teamwide collaboration
  • Define project scope
  • Simplify and standardize your processes
  • Manage assets, and more!

About Will Goad

Will Goad, is the VP of Solutions, for Workgroups. As a workflow automation expert, Will has spent over a decade helping the world’s most sophisticated marketing teams (Global 100, Fortune 500) optimize their workflow. He is dialed in on understanding the various business relationships in an organization and believes that every interaction with sales, marketing, operations and most importantly the customer, is an opportunity to grow knowledge, application, and loyalty