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Workgroups DaVinci is for anyone who creates stuff: from banners to email campaigns, proposals to training videos, contracts to powerpoints, and so much more. If the stuff you create needs feedback and approval, that’s where Workgroups helps. We help you easily control and optimize that part of your project (and many or all of the other parts as well).

Join our Implementation Director, Will Goad, on Wednesday, July 30 at 12pm CT, as we look at how you can cut down revisions and duplicated effort by capturing better feedback throughout your creative process.

About Will Goad

Will Goad, Sr. Director of Implementations, has led over 150 Workgroups implementations. He is dedicated to helping you take your process, make practical improvements, and leverage software to automate and standardize where appropriate. We think our customers say it best: “His rare mix of technology, practicality, and energy explain why I and the rest of the team love working with Will.”

In this Webinar Series, we are looking at how you can improve the key elements of your project lifecycle, and how Workgroups DaVinci might help you do so.