Gain Better Insights into Your Workflow Performance


Join our Webinar on Wednesday, August 19 at 11 – 11:30 am CST

Better data visibility is key to managing your team’s workflow efficiently and proving ROI to stakeholders. With the new Workgroups DaVinci Insights Reporting module, teams can access at-a-glance reporting to stay connected on projects, evaluate performance, and get answers fast.

Join Don Martin, Sr. Director of Client Success, to learn how the Insights Reporting module can help you:

  • View completed and active projects at-a-glance
  • Track project completion times
  • Look up specific project information
  • Filter reports by activity, status and client
  • Present clean, easy to understand data to stakeholders
  • And more!

About Don Martin

Don Martin, VP of Operations, has been with Workgroups DaVinci since 2017 and has worked with over 150 global clients. He is process-oriented and loves data! As such, Don enjoys helping clients streamline their processes, extract data, and create reports.