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Join our Webinar - Best Practices for Remote Marketing Project Management - on Wednesday, October 14th at 11 am CST (45 min)

Teams today are facing the perfect storm of changing budgets, limited resources, and higher workload.  Do you want to improve your team’s remote collaboration and efficiency, keep projects on deadline, and save hundreds of hours a week month?  You’re in luck! 


Workflow automation expert, Will Goad, will share 7 keys to successful creative project management for high volume teams working remotely.   He will cover best practices for defining project scope, simplifying and standardizing your creative process, defining feedback flows, improving reporting, managing assets, and automating your processes.  This webinar will help you manage your resources more effectively to meet the ever increasing workloads and shortening timelines with top quality results.

About Will Goad

Will Goad is an advocate. As a consultant and trainer for the last decade, he is dialed in on understanding the various business relationships in an organization and advocating for each of them to each other. He believes that every interaction with sales, marketing, operations and most importantly, the customer, is an opportunity to grow or weaken knowledge, application, and loyalty.