Workgroups DaVinci Featured in Forrester’s Now Tech: Collaborative Work Management Tools Report

Collaboration is at the heart of Workgroups DaVinci, which is why we’re pleased to announce that our platform has been recognized in Forrester’s new Now Tech: Collaborative Work Management Tools report.

The report provides an overview of the vendor landscape for collaborative work management solutions (CWM) and ties into Forrester’s recent research around how organizations can improve Employee Experience (EX), in this case by removing barriers to productivity and streamlining communication.

As leaders in this space, every aspect of Workgroups has been designed to facilitate meaningful collaboration for marketing teams. We make it easy to delegate work effectively, manage project and work requests from your stakeholders and get real-time feedback and approvals on drafts and completed collaterals. We know that wasted time, unfocused energy and poor communication are the bane of today’s marketing teams, so we’ve created a tool to combat these productivity killers.

In a world in which we’re increasingly interconnected, we recognize that effective teams are not made up of individuals who operate in their own bubbles and high-performing departments and organizations are not composed of teams who toil in isolation. Today’s work, from marketing to finance, procurement or HR, is inherently collaborative and we’re proud to be building innovative products that reflect this reality.