The Top Five Mistakes Inefficient Marketing Teams Make

Your marketing team works hard, but are they working smart? If you’re making the hidden marketing mistakes we discuss below, you’ll be spending more time and money acquiring customers, which means your ROI will take a hit and your team’s performance and your own leadership will likely be called into question. Definitely a state that any savvy marketing leader wants to avoid!

Here are the top five ways your team might be wasting time, money and talent:

Not articulating your strategy

 You have to know who you’re marketing to, where you’re going to find them, and what you’re going to tell them. This strategy has to be consistent over all channels. Everyone on your team has to be on board. If your marketing strategy isn’t written and talked about, everyone’s going to be moving in different directions. If you don’t have a documented strategy, book a conference room this month to get one started, and discuss it in a monthly meeting until everyone is in the know.

Not repurposing your content 

Creating high-quality content takes effort and investment, so it makes sense to get as much mileage as possible out of the blog posts, videos, ebooks, sell sheets and other collaterals your team creates. Not maximizing the lifespan of their content (turning an ebook into a blog series, using their email newsletter to point subscribers to their latest webinar recording) is a mistake inefficient marketing teams make. To get the most out of your content, start at the ideation phase and make sure you’ve documented all the possible uses of a piece of content before you assign someone to create it.

Neglecting your email list

 Is your mailing list as wilted and needy as the succulent on your windowsill? Email is still a proven and cost-effective way to attract clients, even though it’s often overlooked or underappreciated as a powerful lead generation tool. Make sure you’re A/B testing lead magnets, posting them regularly, and giving your mailing list exclusive content to make them feel valued. Keep your name in those inboxes. 

Not knowing your customers

What are your customers’ job titles? What websites and publications do they read? What podcasts do they listen to? How do they discover your product? The more you know, the more you can effectively market your brand to meet their needs. By contrast, a lack of customer insight leads to poorly targeted campaigns that fail to drive results.

Not measuring the success of campaigns

 You need to have numbers to back up your work, and the only way you’re going to be able to do that is by establishing KPIs and rigorously tracking and analyzing your marketing data. Ignoring metrics, only cherry-picking the ones that make you look good or measuring results that don’t speak to the true impact of your team’s work means that your decisions about where to allocate future spend and effort will be woefully uninformed.

So how would you rank your marketing team against this list? If you know you’re making mistakes, discuss with your co-workers where you want to be, and knock out bad habits one at a time!