The 9 Essential Features To Look For In A Marketing Project Management Solution

Software for marketing project management isn’t new, but with today’s ever-changing technology, you want to make sure you’re using the best software for your project schedules and plans or you and your marketing team could get left behind.

There’s nothing worse than finding out that all this time you could have been doing your work faster, more easily, and with less stress. If you’re planning to invest in a project management solution in 2019, here are the nine essential features you’ll need to effectively manage your creative workload :

  1. Management of your core work.
    You don’t want something that can only handle the simplest of tasks, and you don’t want something with so many bells and whistles that your team can barely figure out how to log in. You want a software that makes a project plan easy, the project schedule clear, and helps with time tracking and all the other details you need day-to-day. Figure out what you spend 80% of your time doing, and make sure the software handles that well.

2. Integration with your system and skill level today.
You want a project management software that meets you where you are. If the software can’t accommodate your current level of project management expertise, it will be that much harder to successfully roll out and implement. It should be robust enough to integrate with your key systems, but simple enough to be easy to use out of the box.

3. Growth and scale to match your business.
Does your software have a cap on the number of users? What about the amount of storage it provides? You don’t want to have a wave of growth stopped by limits to what was supposed to be a growth accelerator.

4. Ability to automate processes where you should.
Flows, alerts, and other automations should be easy to set up for places where patterns exist and actions are repetitive. If your software has a quick way to set these up, it will avoid bottlenecks and save you time.

5. Ability to handle manual input where it needs it.
Life and work are too messy for everything to be handled by a simple menu or automation, so your project plan system should allow for notes to be added and data to be manually altered by users with the permissions to do so.

6. Rapid and iterative enhancement.
A SaaS solution that is constantly and seamlessly updated by the vendor brings you small changes and improvements you can learn quickly and take advantage of immediately. Contrast that with huge ‘90s-style annual updates and versions that look radically different and take time and frustration to learn.

7. Management of multiple project aspects.
Your project management software should be able to handle work request processes, creative briefs, workflow and assigning of work and, if you are on a team, creative reviews as well as approvals and sign-offs.

8. Cloud and mobile access.
It’s 2019. Your data should be accessible from the train, the plane, and an automobile (as long as you’re not driving, of course).

9. Insights into how you can evolve your process.
If you’re partnering with a project management solutions vendor, part of their solution should be leveraging their expertise to show you where your process could be improved.

Investing in a project management solution is key for marketing teams looking to work more productively and scale their ability to manage an increasing number of projects, campaigns, tasks, and programs effectively. To make sure your chosen solution delivers the ROI you expect, keep these nine essential features in mind when you’re shopping for the right vendor.

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