Tag: Project Management

Three Key Lessons We Learned From Building A New SaaS Product

In 2017, we did a lot of listening. We heard from our customers that their marketing teams were being asked to do more with less, that they were frustrated with the hurdles involved in collaborating with other departments within their organization and that they were looking for tools that not only helped them manage their …

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A Painless Project Request Process Is Only A Few Clicks Away

One pain point we often hear about when we talk to marketing and creative leaders is the inefficiency of their work request or intake process and the headaches this causes for their team members. Whether they’re serving external or internal clients (or both), getting all of the information they need to create a banner ad, …

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5 Types of Problem Clients And How To Manage Them

This is a guest post from our marketing operations manager, Jennifer Petsche. No matter the phase of a project, we’ve all experienced clients who are agreeable and pleasant to work with and those who live at the opposite end of the spectrum as well. They are easy to spot in the crowd, whether their behavior …

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