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Why Smart Marketing Leaders Spend Money To Save Time

A recent piece in The New York Times proclaimed that researchers have discovered it’s possible to buy happiness. The catch is that you need to spend your cash on time-saving resources vs. material goods. To wit: “Researchers surveyed more than 6,000 people in four countries and also ran an experiment, giving people $40 for two …

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How To Delegate Like A True Boss

Being good at delegation can be the difference between leading a productive team of enthusiastic, motivated employees who feel valued and trying to manage a disorganized burned-out group where some members feel overburdened and others feel neglected. Your team’s productivity and happiness depends on how well you’re able to structure their workload and play to …

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How Time Tracking Can Help You Become A Better Team Leader

Time tracking gets a bad rap, conjuring up images of workplaces where the clock takes precedence over the individual employee and doing more in fewer hours, no matter the toll on workers, is of paramount importance. Once you’re able to get past any knee-jerk negative associations, however, there is real value in time tracking, especially …

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