Introducing Workgroups DaVinci For Adobe XD

For the typical white-collar worker, interruptions are costly. On average, it takes about 25 minutes to regain focus on your original task when you get distracted or switch gears to something else. For creatives, that gear switching often involves seeking crucial feedback from clients or colleagues and usually requires jumping from the app in which you’re designing over to email, chat or another proofing program. Add up these jumps over the course of a day or a week and you can see where they aggregate to lost productivity, work that takes longer than expected and final deliverables that don’t quite have the same spark they would if you were able to ideate free from distractions and interruptions.

That’s where Workgroups DaVinci comes in. We understand that time and energy to focus, coupled with useful feedback, is what fuels great creative work and we understand that these two inputs are often at odds with each other–how can you get the feedback you need to refine and revise your design work without losing that critical focus in the process? 

We created the Workgroups DaVinci plugin for Adobe XD to help creatives resolve that tension. 

Users can create proofs of their work in progress, invite clients and colleagues to review it and see their comments and annotations in real time–all without ever leaving XD! There’s no need to jump to another app or send out an email attachment, losing precious time and concentration in the process. Your feedback lives where your work does, cutting down on distractions and allowing you to keep focused on the creative work that matters most.

Ready to check out Workgroups DaVinci for XD? You can download the plugin here. If you try it out, we’d love to hear your feedback. Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know what you think.