Fewer People, More Projects: How To Maximize Your Marketing Team’s Lean Resources

When we’re down in headcount, it can seem destined for morale to drop as well. But just as marketing teams are  being expected to deliver more (more campaigns, more projects, etc.) with fewer resources, it’s also true that we have more tools than ever at our disposal. 

Here are 5 principles to follow when you need to maximize a small marketing team’s time:

Count on technology to help manage your employees

 Managers used to have to mosey on over to the desk of their workers to ask how a project is coming along, aka remind them that it’s due soon. Today’s marketing project management software can send reminders and alerts. Make sure they’re set up so your employees don’t forget an essential task.

Make sure everyone understands how important it is to keep the system of record up-to-date

 In order to have everyone on the same page about projects, that page has to be current. It does take time upfront to create an automated process that manages project statuses, notes bottlenecks and updates deadlines, but that time is an investment in a smoothly running team. Train your employees on the entire process so they understand the role of the data they need to input.

Make dashboards to keep other departments informed

 When your employees don’t have a lot of time, the last thing you need is Bill from sales asking when those sales enablement white papers will be ready. Get out of here, Bill! Check the dashboard. And if Bill needs to request a project, make sure there’s a an easy-to-access digital project request form he can fill out. 

Create content you can re-use

There are so many ways to make it once and use it over and over. It might be a template for your blog, an Adobe library of your assets, or a stock of hashtag groups to copy and paste into Instagram posts. Build or create once and reuse, repurpose and tweak as needed to get the most from your content.

Keep your team learning

You know that feeling of learning that there is a much easier way to do something you’ve been laboring over (Hello, everyone who has ever been stuck in Excel hell)? The sense of relief is palpable. The more moments you and your team have like this, the more they will compound and make you a faster, more efficient marketing machine. Encourage your team to spend 15 minutes a day learning more about systems they use and to teach each other the best hacks and shortcuts.

Marketing with smaller teams can be difficult, but with a little planning and creative thinking, you can maximize your marketing resources and keep delivering great work.