How Project Management Software Can Improve Your Customer Experience (CX)

When Forrester’s customer experience (CX) research team looked at more than 100 reports from 2018, they confirmed what they had already suspected: “CX leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products.”

If you’re not sure what CX really is, think of it as the way you leave your customer feeling after every interaction with your company. Gartner defines customer experience management (CEM) as “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.” That’s what makes project management software efficiency a perfect solution for CEM.

We all want to be CX leaders whose brand is top of mind for our target market, but making sure your customer has the best experience possible every time they interact with you involves myriad tiny details, just one of which can cause friction or frustration if it’s overlooked. And that friction and frustration matters. Research has shown that poor CX is the reason 86% of customers quit doing business with a company and that  25% of them will bail after just a single negative experience. And with a wealth of other options to get their needs met, those customers aren’t coming back. Luckily, you can leverage project management software to track and improve the four facets of the CX discipline — rigor, cadence, coordination, and accountability.

You can put all the effort in the world into CX in the form of feedback, training, and design, but unless you created a scalable system, you won’t really move the needle. Your efforts are likely to be inconsistent, short-lived, or disorganized. CX requires creating an entirely new worldview in your organization, one that comes from the mind of the customer.

Add to the mix today’s ever-evolving customer expectations, and you’ve got an even bigger challenge. In the world of Amazon and Google, customers are expecting personalized convenience, and they want it now. It’s a lot for the average marketer to keep straight and a lot of pressure to manage.

Leveraging project management software to improve CX allows you to create focused, enterprise-wide CX habits that will make a difference across the organization and improve your ROI year-over-year.

Let’s look at how it does that for each of the disciplines:

Many organizations pay lip service to making data-driven decisions. Project management software makes sure it actually happens. With a PM solution, you can tweak campaigns and initiatives based on goal tracking and KPI measurement. If a campaign is not resonating, you can quickly pivot. That’s why the analytics that come by measuring customer satisfaction with project management software are the key to imbuing your process with rigor.

CX is not something you check off a list. It’s a practice that must be honed over time and checked on with consistency. When there’s so much going on, project management software can trigger CX check-ins and deliver dashboards that help you keep on top of CX tasks without letting any fall through the cracks. It will also allow you to get creative work to market faster, capitalizing on changes in customer behavior and expectations. While your competitors are trying to catch up, you’ll be off and running on your campaigns.

You want all your team members moving like a school of fish, not a flock of chickens. This software will organize all stakeholders and ensure the ripple effects of each action are visible and planned. Templates, libraries, and asset collections will keep everyone using the same approved designs. The best part is, coordination will no longer take additional time, but save time. You’ll be able to free up your creative team to focus on creating memorable CX touchpoints, without getting bogged down in busywork, traffic coordination or waiting around for feedback.

Ensure consistency across all customer touchpoints (from social to print to in-store experience, etc.) because all work is managed in a single system of record. Project management software provides checks and balances that will keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page.

It takes dedicated effort over years to get CX and CEM right. Project management software can help you get the information you need, apply changes with consistency, communicate strategy across your team, and hold people accountable for their role. According to McKinsey, “Agile digital companies significantly outperform their competitors, according to some studies.” With this coordinated effort, you’ll be more likely to become the kind of CX leader that enjoys revenue growth, no matter what your industry.


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