Category: Human Resources

How To Successfully Manage Your Distributed Marketing Team

Marketing has always had a lot of moving parts, but especially these days, the trend toward remote teams is the new normal. In 10 years, one-third of workers will do their jobs remotely. Managers today need to get out in front of this trend and create a distributed marketing strategy that pairs top marketing leadership …

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5 Ways To Get Team Member Buy-in For Process Improvements

Here’s the problem: Nobody likes change. There’s enough of it with software updates, password refreshes, management fads, and employee turnover. Team support for marketing process improvements can be hard to muster. But let’s say you’ve got a change that you know is worth it, like moving from hard copy to digital proofing or finally codifying …

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What Do Your Employees Really Want? Get Ready To Read Their Minds

Depending on the size of your company, replacing a single employee can cost tens of thousands of dollars, according to a CAP study. While employees leave for a variety of different reasons, it usually has something to do with the organization failing to meet their needs. The key to being a successful manager who retains employees …

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