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How To Improve Your Content Review And Approval Process

You’ve got to be fast and you’ve got to be accurate. The right people have to get their eyes and their stamp of approval on the right marketing materials during your content review process. But you’re busy–so the temptation is either to rush the review process or let deliverables languish in limbo because your team …

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How To Design A Content Marketing Workflow That Works For Your Team

Research from the Content Marketing Institute indicates that content creation is the key area in which the majority of B2B marketers increased their spending over the past year. But more content produced means more content to be managed and without a well-oiled content marketing workflow, seeing a meaningful ROI on this content becomes almost impossible. …

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3 Trends That Will Define Your Content Marketing In 2019

In late 2018, the Content Marketing Institute interviewed 85 experts to see what their predictions were for content marketing in 2019. It’s an 88-page document, but we’ve distilled down the essence of the report here, so you can better plan your content marketing strategy for the coming year. Our favorite quote comes from true marketing …

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