A Cure For Your Team’s App Overload: The Single Workflow View

If you’re struggling to split your time and attention between the myriad apps required to do your daily work, you aren’t alone. New research from Harmon.ie reports that the average white-collar employee relies on at least nine separate apps as part of their personal workflow. The app fatigue caused by having to switch between these apps means that employees are in dire need of a more efficient way to work. 43% report that they have to switch between apps just to accomplish basic tasks and 67% say that having all of their relevant app info in a single window would make their lives easier.

We agree.

That’s why we’ve built Workgroups DaVinci to be the single source of truth for marketing and creative teams. Your work, from schedules to proofing to approvals to productivity tracking, all lives in one system. We call it the single workflow view. Here’s what that means and why it matters to app-overwhelmed teams.

Single workflow view = a simplified tech stack

Having a single customer view is somewhat of a holy grail in B2C marketing. With a single view, you’re able to aggregate all of the data you have about a customer in one place to give you a robust and holistic picture of that customer. Pulling together a complete picture is critical to understanding browsing and buying behavior and tailoring your marketing accordingly, even as the ever-growing number of marketing channels available and the tendency for customers to hop between channels and devices makes it difficult to corral all the necessary pieces of the customer puzzle.

A single view isn’t just the gold standard for customer-facing marketing, though. It should also be the standard operating procedure to which your marketing teams aspires for their day-to-day work. Here’s why aggregating your team’s processes and tasks into a single platform of record instead of spreading them out among multiple apps makes sense:

Increase productivity

The productivity cost of task switching is real. Every time one of your team members has to jump from a spreadsheet to a calendar to a digital asset management system and back again, it takes them precious time to regain focus on their original task. A single workflow view eliminates the need to hop from app to app, wasting time and losing focus along the way. A workflow single view means that you’re managing your projects and processes, your assets and your budgets within one platform, cutting down on the time drain and frustration of task switching.

Reduce pain

Say goodbye to bottlenecks and assignments that run off the rails. A single workflow view means that you’re able to see at a glance whether a given project/job/task is running on time and on budget, allowing for real-time course correction. You can structure your team’s work in such a way that everyone is aware of how what they’re doing feeds into the greater whole and critical dependencies (preliminary design needs to be completed before copy can start) are visible to all. Well-documented process management pain points like poor coordination between teams, lack of visibility and duplication of effort are resolved when everyone has a single clear and consistent view of what’s happening when and who is responsible for each part.

Shorten the employee learning curve

Instead of having to become jacks of all trades, employees only have to master a single system of record, which means shorter training time and faster onboarding for new hires, which translates to an overall revenue savings and productivity boost. Employees are also able to develop a deep familiarity with one platform vs. a superficial knowledge of many apps, allowing them to get more value from the software.

Cut costs

Investing in a la carte solutions for each aspect of your workflow (project management, proofing, etc.) can get pricey. Not only does the cost of one-offs add up, figuring out how to integrate multiple solutions or platforms with each other and into your team’s workflow requires a significant investment of time and is never as seamless as you’d wish. A single system of record for your team’s day-to-day work that covers all of the key aspects of your workflow just makes bottom-line sense.

A single view is as important for marketing workflows as it is for marketing and customer experience strategies. It’s the app fatigue cure you’ve been looking for. And the good news is that, unlike putting together a holistic snapshot of your target customer, implementing a single view of your daily processes is much easier to achieve.