Go Beyond Creative

Automate Your Finance Processes for Compliance & Efficiency

  • Capital Expenditure
  • Improvement plans
  • Site management
  • Project estimates
  • Pricing
  • Contracts
  • Support Digital Signatures (FDA Title 21)
  • Travel expense requests
  • Wire requests

How can our software

Create Workflows for Any project type

  • Build intake forms easily by using our drag and drop form builder
  • Set deadlines
  • Easily assign team members
  • Add tags

Ensure compliance through audit trail

  • Easily audit each proof with our version control
  • Create projects to execute internal auditing schedules seamlessly, identifying any risks or shortcomings

Security through permissions

  • Create users in a few simple clicks
  • Set different permissions depending on user type
  • Have anonymous users who just see what they have been assigned to