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In this short video demo, you’ll get an overview of the key features of our  powerful proofing and content review solution for on-the-go marketing and creative teams.

Learn why our customers trust Approval Manager to power their content review and approvals process.

“Workgroups’ reporting features have helped me provide quantifiable data to validate how quickly and efficiently my creative team works. The internal conversation has now shifted from ‘the creative team is too slow – they are the reason jobs miss deadlines’ to ‘the creative team operates ABOVE their expected performance’.”


“We now have an instant view of all our projects and the ability to manage them efficiently.”

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“The workflow tools have made our lives around here much easier, improved the quality of customer service we deliver and saved us a significant amount of time and rework.”

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“The software’s built-in workflow has helped us immensely in managing complex high-volume projects across multiple stakeholders.”

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