Fast, easy, and meaningful data at your fingertips

Start managing your team’s resources and ROI with DaVinci’s intuitive and configurable Insights & Reporting features.  Quickly set up reporting by activity, status and client type for better informed decision making and stronger client presentations.

Are you wondering about the status of projects in the system and whether resources are properly allocated?  Is getting meaningful data cumbersome, inflexible, and time-intensive?  With DaVinci you will enjoy:

  • Pertinent information at your fingertips
  • Quickly set up reporting by activity, status, and client type
  • Intuitive and easy to use dashboard and reporting interface
  • Exportable graphics for quick and quality client presentations

Product Features

  • Historical view of work entered and completed to see trends over time, enabling better budgeting and planning going forward.
  • Wide array of filter and search options, so you can pull only and exactly the information needed.
  • Real-time statistics allow users to see at a glance the volume of work in the system and what activities are on each user’s plate.
  • Resource management allows managers to view workload by a user and unassigned activity in order to appropriately distribute and track workload.
  • Export capabilities allow tables and graphics to be exported and used in internal documents or shared with non-Workgroups users.
  • Microsoft PowerBI integrated

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