Keep Projects On Track with Automated Workflows

DaVinci helps you keep a large number of projects moving efficiently.  Automated workflows, configurable routing rules, and built-in (and fully integrated) proofing save time, improve visibility, and reduce mistakes.

Are you spending too much of your time managing projects instead of delivering important new creative?  Experiencing delays, mistakes, and a lack of visibility?  With DaVinci’s project management and production capabilities, you will enjoy:

  • Automated, consistent workflows
  • Less time managing projects
  • Greater real-time visibility to status of all active projects
  • Higher quality project outcomes
  • Streamlined workflows into one system, combining production and approval tasks

Product Features

  • Workflow routing rules eliminate manual project management
  • Production tasks and upload ensure critical steps don’t get skipped and files needing reviewed are uploaded before the project can progress
  • Automated approval tasks automatically notify assigned users of when they have a file to review, all within the system.
  • Proof Routing Rules allow clients to configure their routing schedules based on proof review decisions
  • Auto calculation of project and task due dates are configurable by clients to save project management time.
  • Role-based assignments allows roles to be assigned to tasks and users assigned to roles, significantly streamlining workflow.
  • Direct assignments allow users to be directly assigned to tasks for added flexibility.

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