Organize, find, and share assets with ease

Start managing your team’s resources and ROI with DaVinci’s intuitive and configurable Insights & Reporting features.  Quickly set up reporting by activity, status and client type for better informed decision making and stronger client presentations.

Are you frustrated without a centralized location for all files associated with projects?  Having difficulty easily finding old files?  Are some team members not able to find, view, and share files?  Realize faster, more efficient work and reduced frustration with DaVinci’s asset management:

  • Better organization of assets
  • Easier sharing of assets with both project team and external stakeholders
  • Easily locate assets on projects to be reference for future ones

Product Features

  • Shared files tab — Streamline the process by only having one centralized place to look for assets.
  • Production mapping files –– Anyone with access to the server and project can share assets for an easier, faster, and more efficient workflow
  • Configurable folders — Clients can configure folders and subfolders in order to organize their assets in a way that makes the best business sense for them
  • Search engine of assets — For the fastest retrieval, assets can be searched and located by all metadata associated with the assets
  • Keyword tagging — Allows assets to be searched and located by keywords (not just file name) for easy and fast retrieval
  • Check-in and Check-Out and Versioning — Set controls over who and when assets can be checked out and edited to prevent inadvertent simultaneous updating and duplicated efforts.  Track important historical records for visibility to all changes over time.
  • Box and Dropbox Integration — Provides easier access and distribution of production files on cloud-based storage.
  • Large File accommodation (up to 4-5G) — Store and share all large project files in one spot, without having to use a secondary file storage sharing product.

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