A Powerful Content Review Solution For On-The-Go Teams

Make your team’s marketing content review process faster, easier and more efficient with Approval Manager.

Adios, email

Say goodbye to sorting through endless email chains, deciphering marked-up PDFs and keeping track of input from multiple reviewers.


Collaboration on your terms

Collaborate with dozens of clients and colleagues in one place, in real time and on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Save time with templates

Create, save and apply workflow templates for commonly used online proofing processes.


Faster approvals

Dramatically cut the time between design, iteration and approval. Teams are able to quickly route proofs and connect with stakeholders to get feedback or approval.

Keep an eye on details

Examine versions of content side-by-side or in overlay mode and instantly illuminate even the tiniest differences.


Automation that works for you

Automatically move proofs through review stages based on smart rules.


See Marketing Automation Tool – Approval Manager – in action

In this short video demo, you’ll get an overview of the key features of our  powerful proofing and content review solution for on-the-go marketing and creative teams.

Learn why our customers trust Approval Manager to power their content review and approvals process.